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Monday, February 23, 2009

Cellular Jail - II

This is the main entrance of Cellular Jail, thou there are some modification done to preserve this national heritage, during Second World War some heavy damage was done to this jail. I took this shot when a lighting show was held in Cellular Jail, picture is not clear because there was hardly any light(as you all can see) and during show photographs where not allowed (but some how I manage to take one shot ;), without flash :(.. )

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Ajit said...

can you post a better picture of that lighting show pic..! 'coz I need it...!
Oh and by the way... like some other pictures on your site.. :D

Gaurav said...

Sorry brother, but the picture I post in, is one of the bst i could capture through camera, since there was no light and during show no one can take pictures so i was not able to turn-on flash....
And thanks for your appreciation!!! :)

Read our stories said...

Cellular jail is quite a famous tourist place ... i wise you could post a better picture of lightshow .. i would really like to see one..

by the way ... first one is a good one.. nice shot.. :0