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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sea Side

Sea Side, originally uploaded by lifeinlens.

From last few days things are not going my way for example project I made is showing error and I have to submit it this Monday. Still wondering what I will do!
Friends are not here in Bhopal some of them went to there native places and me feeling real bore here... :(
But me planning to go for outing with my friends in end of this month. So pretty excited about it.

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Bemused26 said...

That is a really pretty picture- the sea looks lovely and the pink in the sky is great.

Gaurav said...

@ bemused26
thank u.... yes that location was really a beautiful place..!

Photoblogger said...

That;s a really good shot.. the water has that sense of motion.

Marianne said...

really nice shot... Gaurav...
blue sky and deep sea really nice picture