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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Heightening, originally uploaded by lifeinlens.

Today, I really missing my old friends. Wonder why, but past memories are hitting me hard. In childhood days, we all use to spend time together, we use to talk about various thing, we use to play together.

And then, suddenly everything gets over, I mean just like that. If life means MOVE ON..! Then I really didn't like it, but there is nothing much to do about. All of us are shattered here and there someone is trying to be a doctor, some are trying to become engineers(like me), and between all this we lost ourselves. We all are busy in our so-called life. Some of them use to call me and say 'I really miss those day'. Even I do.

I hope one day we all will get together one more time. At least, I can hope for!

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Shri Krishna said...

interesting & really true post,
This image is showing your dedication toward photography & love towards nature.
You've got a brand new fan till you do such kind of photography.

Mrs. Sterling said...

Excellent post i must say, best of all till now... you must be lucky or patient to capture this kind of pictures... photography is a art!