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Friday, April 3, 2009

Block Off

Block Off, originally uploaded by lifeinlens.

Posting a new post after long time, now a day life is going pretty busy, not getting much time for other things. But there is a good news too, recently our semester results were declared and me became AC(all clear... yupii...!!!!!!!) so there is new kind of excitement in me and me enjoying it at full :)).
Now, coming back to this photograph. I took this picture when me and my family where on vacations. This particular picture is of cellular jail, which is an major attraction for tourist. I was built by Britishers in there commanding time.

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Amal Bose said...

really nice shot..
looks very professional.
nice work

Gaurav said...

thanks for commenting...
I am glad you liked it.... :D ..

Digital Polaroids said...

Good shot

Gaurav said...

@Digital Polaroids
thanks.. :)

See all articles said...

I have heard about this place... picture looks good, nicely fine-tuned ... good work done..