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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Somewhere Down

Somewhere Down, originally uploaded by lifeinlens.

Its been long since my last post. Now a days, not getting much time because of some reasons (my so-called work load). But now looking forward to spend time for my blogs too, so let see what happens ;)

Now about this picture, I took it a will ago. Me and my friends (GDP) where going back to home on bike after partying and I was sitting behind my friend and he was riding. I took the shot but it was not as I expected it to be but even then i liked it. Hope you guys will too ;) ....

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sormita said...

this shot is a gr8 1-which camera do u use?

ARUNA said...

looks like this pic has been taken while riding or driving!!

Gaurav said...


its sony cyber-shot...
thanks, for commenting... :) ..

hehehehehehe,...... yes... you are right.. I was on bike, come back after partying... ;) ...

Read all stories said...

i guess you mis-clicked it .. hahaha..
but result is good... i like this picture in someway or other ...
lucky one huh... ! :)