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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going After!

This dog gave me some real hard time. I was just going my way and he jumped in-front of me from nowhere and start barking at me. I had no other choice than to run for my life :D. He pursuit me for 50 meters or so(that time every inch was like miles.. lol...), then fortunately this wall came and I jumped from there (lucky me .. :D ). Then he stopped there and kept barking at me. But what made me to take picture of that dog, I really not know.
As I came to home, I told about that "dog encounter" and he asked me if I am fine or not(that time I thought my little brother really care for me...), then I told him I took the picture of dog, as he saw the picture he started to laugh until his stomach pain. After all that embracing moment I asked him what made him to laugh like that, he said "Do you saw the size of dog from which you were running?"

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earthtoholly said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

Funny story and I love this photo! Just two colors and the silhouette...I think it's beautiful! (Sorry what you went through to get it! :o)

See all articles said...

hahahaha... funny story ... lucky you that he/she didn't caught you ..!!!

but picture is really nice, only two colors but still looks impressive ...