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Monday, March 23, 2009

Going After

Going After, originally uploaded by lifeinlens.

I took this photo when me and my friends where going to enjoy our semester break(only 10 days :-( break ). I was bored sitting at one place in train, so I got up and was standing beside door and took this picture. The best thing about Indian Railways i like is, you can open the gate of compartment and get some fresh air(thou, it is risky out there. So my recommandation is "DON'T DO THIS" :-) )

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Tech Review said...

Nice shot.... I liked it.. :D

Gaurav said...

@tech review
thanx for stopping by...!!

The Retired One said...

I liked the isolation of this shot, along with the railroad tracks....!

Crepuscule Colour said...

Breathtaking, really. Trains are THE way to go. I can't wait to try out my camera on a train. Can't miss sights like these :)

- Psychedelic Sanity

See all articles said...

awesome photographic skills ... you really know when to click and where to click ...