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Sunday, March 22, 2009


After an unexpected tour to my grandfather's place for some paper work, I finally got my cam back in my hand and as soon as I saw it the first thing I did was I took a shot and result is in front of you guys :D! Before this I never thought I could miss my digi cam so much. Me and my father both went there by car, it was a long run almost about 400 KMs and nevertheless we where back in a day that means 800 KMs in a single day (now think about it :0 ) and I must say that we both were tired like anything. After this shot the only thing was visible to me was my bed hehehehe..! I slept about 11 hours and then my mom came to wake me up, even after sleeping for such a long time I was willing to go back to my bed, but all thanks to my friends I couldn't they all took me to there place. I was yelling at them all the time but at the end of the day, I was happy to spend time with them, my friends are my second family, I love them with all my heart|:)....

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Tech Review said...

800 kms in a one day that is too much, man...!!! You might have die after journey, isn't... lol.... :-D
Thou, picture is good :-)

Gaurav said...

@tech review

yeah you are rite, at two hours or so were like hell for both of us. hehehehehe!!!!

See all articles said...

nicely taken... i like the way you composed it... thou, picture is quite plane but still grabs your attention ... very nice..